In life we often use disposable cutlery

We have used wholesale disposable dinnerware since ancient times wholesale casual dinnerware.The tradition, with the continuous development of society wholesale disposable plates and cutlery The types of people have also become more and more, no matter if they are of various lengths, shapes, colors or textures, so that people have more choices, but doní»t just look good or not at the time of purchase. What material chopsticks are harmless to the body? There are many kinds of chopsticks for wholesale glass serving platters and wholesale disposable plates and cups, of course, the most traditional and common is the wooden and bamboo, and there are a variety of other metal products, in fact, we can also imagine that pure natural things are still very good, the harm to the human body Also relatively small, so be careful when choosing. Bamboo chopsticks should be the first choice for affordable dining. Bamboo chopsticks of good quality are non-toxic and harmless. They will not be deformed when exposed to high temperatures and they are inexpensive. Followed by wooden chopsticks, but need to be natural chopsticks, those painted wood chopsticks is not recommended, because the coating of heavy metals, lead and organic solvents such as benzene and other substances in the heat, the oil will dissolve in the food, the body has a lot of health risks.

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