we use wholesale plastic kitchenware when eating

Eating is something that must be done every day. When we are cutting vegetables, we rarely notice how much bacteria remains on the washboard with wholesale plastic kitchenware. We just flush it with water and feel clean. In fact, wholesale plastic dinnerware the health of the cutting board has a great impact on our health. Do not disagree with it. Then how do the bacteria on the washing board fall? Simply rinse the washing board with clean water can not wash the bacteria away, in order to be more hygienic and healthy still need some hard work, disinfection is the key to be done, these contents still need to grasp and Learn about it.

1, washing and disinfection Use a hard brush and clean water to clean the surfaces and crevices of the fresh square dinner plates, then rinse again with 100ˇăC boiling water.

2, sunlight disinfection Ultraviolet light in the sun has the effect of killing bacteria. When the cutting board is not in use, it should be exposed to the sun. This will not only kill the bacteria, but also will dry the dried square plates and reduce germ propagation.

3, salt disinfection After each use wholesale salad plates, the residue on the plate surface must be scraped with a knife, and a layer of salt should be sprinkled on the plate every 6 to 7 days so that wholesale square dinner plates can be sterilized and the cutting of the cutting board can be prevented.

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