How do we identify the quality of wholesale plastic drinkware?

What is the quality of wholesale elegant disposable dinnerware? Recently, the International Food Packaging Association of China wholesale disposable cutlery suppliers,wholesale disposable plates and cupsúČand other random checks, sampling inspection pass rate of 64.5%. In real life, disposable tableware is everywhere. How do we identify the quality of wholesale plastic drinkware?

Because of the low price, wholesale plastic plates and utensils can be purchased for a few cents, and are therefore welcomed by some small restaurants. For example, in the production of inferior food boxes, a large number of industrial-grade toxic materials such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, and paraffin wax are generally added, which poses a direct threat to the user's health.

The counterfeit green wholesale disposable plates and cups are soft to the touch, and are torn upon light tears. They smell pungent and open-mouthed, and are easily leaking when subjected to heat deformation. The counterfeit pulp lunch boxes are poor in strength and dark in color, and there is a serious leakage of oil; There is no name, no trademark, no production date on the lunch box;

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